The Best Work-Friendly Cafes In Kuala Lumpur For Digital Nomads

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Look no further if you’re a freelancer or digital nomad looking for the best work-friendly cafe in Kuala Lumpur. I have you covered. Kuala Lumpur has no shortage of incredible cafes and it is one of the best cities with wide range of options of brunch selections and great coffee.

In this article, I’ll share with you six of my favourite cafes to work in Kuala Lumpur. They not only serve delicious food and coffee to start your day, but they also feature reliable WiFi and power outlets to ensure that your laptop never runs out of juice.

You won’t be let down whether you’re looking for a hip cafe to network with business people or a quiet area to finish your work. Let’s get started on the list of best work-friendly cafe in Kuala Lumpur!

There are currently two Bean Brothers cafe in Klang Valley. One is Bean Brothers KL and another one is Bean Brothers PJ. Both outlets are work-friendly but I personally love Bean Brothers PJ slightly more. One of the reason is because the PJ outlet offers more accessible parking space and the parking is FREE ( KL outlet is at The Linc which the parking fee could go up to more than RM 10 when you park more than three hours) .

Bean Brothers PJ cafe is my go-to cafe for getting my work done. While I enjoy all of the cafes on this list, I prefer Bean Brothers slightly more than the others. Whenever I walk into this cafe, I always notice other customers working peacefully on their laptops and tabs while sipping on their iced cappuccino.

Update : There is now a new Bean Brothers outlet opens at Starhill Gallery which to me it is more of a specialty coffee tasting experience rather than a cafe that is suitable to work at.  The cafe design is an espresso bar. It is a great place to go to if you want to experience special coffee tasting experience.

Bean Brothers cafe - Work-friendly cafe in KL
Christmas decor in the cafe.
Bean Brothers PJ - Work-friendly cafes in PJ
Spacious space for work at upper floor.

The cafe is in an industrial area so the cafe is very spacious featuring huge glass windows that provides natural sunlight. There are power outlets almost everywhere, and the WiFi is pretty reliable.

Bean Brothers is a digital nomad heaven.

Also, the cafe offers great selections of coffee bean to choose from and good mains like pastas as well as pastry to fill your empty stomach.

However this is not a cafe where you can burn the midnight oil because it closes at 8 p.m.

Located at the vibrant touristy area, Feeka Coffee Roaster is a hidden gem for digital nomad.

Feeka Coffee Roasters is not only a great great cafe to do work in KL, but it also serves some of the best brunches and coffee in town, so it’s easy to see why it’s so popular with both locals and tourists.

Feeka Coffee Roasters boasts a chill decor with perfect lighting. The great thing about this cafe is that it has indoor and outdoor seating for guests to choose from. I like that I can work in the open air or in an air-conditioned environment depending on the situation. When the weather is windy or rainy, I prefer to work outside.

This cafe opens early at 8 in the morning so you can arrive early before 10 am to find a good spot to work for the rest of the day. Otherwise, as noon approaches, the cafe becomes more crowded, and the line begins to form around 11 a.m., especially on weekends.

Feeka Coffee Roasters KL - Cafe
Outdoor space at Feeka Coffee Roasters.

LOKL cafe is one of the hip cafes in town. Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, LOKL Cafe has a hip yet old school vibe, with vintage wooden tables and brick walls. Its laid-back vibe is a refreshing change from the fast-paced and sometimes overwhelming daily grind of Kuala Lumpur.

Similar to Feeka Coffee Roasters, LOKL opens as early as at 8 in the morning to serve breakfast. Although I do not fancy the coffee at LOKL much, I prefer their breakfast more than other on the list. Hands down LOKL has the most delicious breakfast menu in town : The impressive chicken burger, the mouthwatering pancake with fried chicken, big breakfast and many more – all of which are worth a try.

Also, the WiFi speed in this cafe is excellent making it one of the laptop-friendly cafes in Kuala Lumpur. I always go in the morning for the breakfast and then spend the rest of the day working in the cafe.

If you need quiet space to work on your backlog, See cafe is definitely your go-to cafe. 

Newly opened in 2022, See Cafe has made its name as one of the great spot to get work done while sipping good coffee. The decor of the cafe is very Zen-style, with light wooden accent, making it a comforting place to work. 

On top of the ambience, you’ll find a decent selection of classic café fare that is delightful to the last bite. See Cafe has a variety of instagram-worthy desserts and they are all worth the photo! They are not only good for the ‘gram but heavenly tasty.

Sipping an iced Americano could freshen your day and taking a bite of the dessert halfway through your workday will replenish your energy.

Famous for its flavourful cakes, Rekindle is no doubt a great spot for tea time. Everyone comes to Rekindle for its unique and flavourful cakes. However, to me it is also a good place to get my work done.

Rekindle offers two locations where one located at SS2 and another one at Damansara. The ambience is nice and it has a nostalgia interior decor.

Although the power socket is not as abundant as the other cafes on the list, but the WiFi strength at Rekindle is reliable. Sometimes, it can get a bit noisy, as this seems to be a popular spot for teatime over conversations. Overall, it is a great work-friendly cafe and it is also one of a few cafe that opens till midnight. So, for digital nomads who enjoy working late, Rekindle may be the best cafe to visit.

Rekindle cafe in KL - one of a good Cafes to do work in KL
Rekindle SS2

M’Laboori is another gem that you could find in Petaling Jaya especially if you like quiet space.

One special thing to mention about this cafe is that this cafe is a vegetarian cafe! While it is difficult to spot a vegetarian cafe in Kuala Lumpur, let alone a work-friendly vegetarian cafe.

More than that, the setting of M’Laboori is pretty unique compare to other cafes on the list. Whenever I enter this cafe, I feel like I am in a library because of the books on the wooden shelves.

The ambience of M’Laboori is quiet yet welcoming. In this cafe you will notice most of the people come for reading or studying, only a few come for work. Nonetheless, with an abundance of power outlets and good WiFi, it is still a good place to work.

And there you have it! Six of my favourite cafes for digital nomads to work at in Kuala Lumpur! My all-time favourite is Bean Brothers PJ, but if I have to pull all-nighters, Rekindle is the place to go.

Whether you are a digital nomads or simply want to finish up your work on the weekends, you can never go wrong with these six amazing cafes. If you are looking for cafes in Klang Valley, check out this list of cafes!