7+ Best Cafes With Colosseum View in Rome To Visit In 2024

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Looking for cafes with Colosseum view in Rome? It seems like that’s your reason for being here!

Rome, often hailed as the “Eternal City” and a living museum of history, boasts one of the world’s most iconic landmarks—the Colosseum.

My own fascination with Rome began during my first visit to the city a few years back. Amidst its labyrinthine streets and ancient ruins, I discovered countless treasures, with views of the Colosseum standing out as particularly mesmerizing. I remember eagerly searching for accommodations with Colosseum views, craving that magical sight from my window. And even if I couldn’t secure such a room, I found solace in the thought of enjoying a cappuccino or gelato with the Colosseum as my backdrop.

What could be more enchanting than savouring Italian coffee or indulging in a delicious pastry while beholding this architectural marvel? If you’re planning your own Roman adventure and longing for that quintessential experience of the Colosseum from a charming café, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a curated list of cafés in Rome that promise not just a delightful culinary experience, but also breathtaking views of the Colosseum.

Cafes with Colosseum view in Rome
Cafes with Colosseum view in Rome

Where Is Colosseum Located?

To find cafés in Rome with a view of the Colosseum, first, let’s figure out where this famous monument is located.

The Colosseum sits right in the heart of Rome, Italy. It’s found in a place called the Colosseum Square, in a district called Rione Monti. This area is full of history and surrounded by other old landmarks like the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill.

Usually, people go to the Colosseum Square to see the Colosseum up close, take pictures, and soak in the history of Rome.

While there are many cozy cafés around the square where you can enjoy good food with a view of the ruins, there are also cafés a bit farther away that still offer pretty views of the Colosseum from a distance.

In this post, I’m excited to share a list of nice cafés in Rome that are either close to the Colosseum or have great views of it. Let’s check them out!

Caffè Roma

Right in the heart of Rome, Caffe Roma offers a charming setting and a prime view of the Colosseum. Sit back with a cup of coffee and take in the majestic sight of this ancient amphitheater.

This is one of the first cafes that came to my mind when people ask me about great cafe with Colosseum view. You can literally sit in front of the Colosseum.

Opening Hours : Daily 8 am – 8 pm

Contact : +39 06 8629 2200

Website | Instagram

Royal Art Café

Another upscale dining option near the Colosseum, Royal Art Cafe offers stunning view of the historical monument from the seat.

With its elegant ambiance and panoramic terrace, Royal Art Café offers an enchanting setting for enjoying coffee or cocktails with a view of the Colosseum. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Rome’s ancient architecture while indulging in culinary delights.

Opening Hours :

Daily 9 am – 12 am 

Contact : +39 06 8880 5383

Website | Instagram

Palazzo Manfredi Rooftop Lounge Bar

Palazzo Bar is a bar located at Hotel Manfredi.While primarily known for its luxurious accommodations, Palazzo Manfredi also features a rooftop lounge bar with mesmerising views of the Colosseum. 

I prefer to visit Palazzo Manfredi at night as it feels a whole different vibe to see the Colosseum at night from the bar. Sip on cocktails and soak in the atmosphere of ancient Rome is one of the best things to do in Rome.

Opening Hours : Daily 6 pm – 2 am 

Contact : +39 06 6935 4581

Website | Instagram

Ristorante Aroma

Same as Palazzo Bar, perched atop the Palazzo Manfredi, Ristorante Aroma offers not just exquisite cuisine but also unparalleled views of the Colosseum. Enjoy a fine dining experience while marvelling at one of Rome’s most iconic landmarks.

It also holds the prestigious Michelin 1 Star rating, making it a highly sought-after dining destination in Rome. Given its increasing popularity, securing a reservation is essential. Get ready to indulge in a culinary experience accompanied by breathtaking views!

Opening Hours : Daily 12:30 pm – 3 pm ; 7 pm – 11 pm

Contact : +39 06 97615109

Website | Instagram

Ristorante Caffè Martini & Rossi

Situated in proximity to the Colosseum, Cafe Martini in Rome offers a stunning view of the ancient Colosseum. 

What I love about Caffe Martini Roma is that it offers a cozy atmosphere and a delightful selection of beverages and snacks. Having a view of the Colosseum from the restaurant is a super plus point to its excellent service.

Opening Hours : Daily 9 am – 12 am 

Contact : +39 06 700 4431

Website | Instagram

Oppio Caffè

Situated within walking distance of the Colosseum, Oppio Caffè provides a relaxed ambiance and a menu featuring Italian classics and international fare.

Whether you’re enjoying breakfast or a leisurely afternoon coffee, you can soak in views of the Colosseum from the outdoor seating area, making it a perfect spot to unwind after exploring Rome’s ancient wonders.

Opening Hours : Daily 7 am – 2 am

Contact : +39 06 474 5262

Website | Instagram 

Ristoro della Salute

Nestled in the heart of Rome’s historic centre, Ristoro della Salute offers a cozy retreat with views of the Colosseum. It is just few steps away from Caffe Martini.

Indulge in traditional Italian dishes prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients while admiring the timeless beauty of the nearby ancient Colossem.

Opening Hours : Daily 9 am – 12 am

Contact : +39 06 7049 4653

Website | Instagram 

That’s the list of great cafe and restaurant in Rome with a great view of Colosseum! 

These places are my favourite as they serve decent food and amazing view. If you are planning for a trip to Rome in this coming holiday, you will not regret for spending a lovely afternoon or night in these cafes for a lifetime of memory in Rome.