7 Most Instagrammable Photo Spots for Eiffel Tower in Paris

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When you travel to Paris, especially when it’s your first time in Paris, the must-have photo is the one with the iconic Eiffel Tower. So , to find the best photo spots for Eiffel Tower in Paris becomes a must-do thing.

The Eiffel Tower is the tallest building in Paris so you will be surprised to notice that the iron lady occasionally peering at you. 

I love how the Iron Lady can appear unexpectedly: around a corner, walking along the Seine or even if you booked a hotel with Eiffel Tower views. It offers the most stunning sight when wandering around Paris. 

So where are the best Eiffel Tower photo spots? There are many good spots to take photos with the Iron Lady. In this post, I will share with you the top 7 best spots to take the iconic photos.

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Palace du Trocadero

You’ve probably seen these types of shots million times on the internet.

This place is the most famous photo spot and despite it being crowded, it is still possible to get the best Eiffel Tower photos here.

The popular spots are the stairs, the fountain, the wall and the esplanade. However, when I last visited in May 2022, the most iconic stairs spot was not available anymore as the site was under renovation. 

photo spots for Eiffel Tower photo spots
Trocadero is a famous photo spots.

Rue de l’Université

If you’ve researched Eiffel Tower photo spots on Instagram, you probably haven’t missed Rue de l’Université.

This street has the Parisian charm with the cobblestones and beautiful architecture which make it a famous photo spot.This location is my Top 2 favourite spot of all!

However, due to its popularity, do get there early in the morning before 10 am to avoid crowd photobomb in your picture. 

Eiffel Tower
My sister and I at RUe de L'Universite

Champs de Mars

This place is as impressive as Trocadero. It is the big garden where the Eiffel Tower is located.

Although it is famous among tourists, you could still find some cute spots to take the postcard-perfect photo. If you like to have some greens in your photo, this spot is a must!

Bring a picnic basket and take advantage of this excellent photo opportunity.

Champs de Mars Paris
Champ de Mars is a famous picnic spot.

River Seine

While walking along River Seine, you will occasionally see the Iron Lady.

There is one location that is little known, but it is one of my favourite Eiffel Tower photo spots. It is at the opposite of the Trocadero, only a few steps from the Trocadero to the Seine River. In my opinion, this is the best place to take the pictures of the Eiffel Tower.

We found this spot by chance while we were walking down the bank to the dinner place. We were lucky there was no one noticed this spot!

Eiffel tower paris
From the banks of River seine.

Bir-Hakeim Bridge

If you have seen the movie Inception, you will recognise this bridge. The Bir-Hakeim bridge spans the Seine and connects the 15th and 16th arrondissements. The bridge posts form a lovely frame around the Eiffel Tower.

To say the least, this is a one-of-a-kind Eiffel Tower photo opportunity!

Avenue de Cameons

This is a peaceful street with a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. It has become Instagram-famous for its Parisian-style architecture and balconies.

Although this place is trendy, it is not as crowded as Trocadero and Rue de l’Université. You can still find the perfect angle with the Eiffel Tower at this spot.

Cameons Paris
Photo credits thislifeoftravel.

Cafe Le Recrutament

The typical Parisian buildings and a street that breathes Parisian air provide an ideal backdrop for romantic street photos with the Eiffel Tower. Cafe culture and the Eiffel Tower are the best combinations for a postcard-perfect Paris photo!

Here at the crossroads in front of the well-known Cafe Le Recrutament is where the insta-famous photo spot is located. 

cafe paris
Photo credits travelchannel.

Overall, these Eiffel Tower photo spots are perfect places to take the dreamy Iron Lady photos. If you are staying at one of the best hotels with Eiffel tower views, you can get the iconic Eiffel Tower photo from your room’s balcony too!