Hotel Splendid Etoile Review: BEST View of Arc de Triomphe

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If you visit Paris, you will undoubtedly want to stay in a hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Other than Eiffel Tower , staying in a luxury hotel overlooking the Arc de Triomphe is another fantastic experience that you should try.

During our last visit to Paris, we stayed at the luxurious Hotel Splendid Etoile at Paris and it was amazing so I am thrilled to share the experience in this Hotel Splendid Etoile review.

I picked it because it is just a few steps away from the iconic Arc de Triomphe and it features unique room types with the stunning view of the monument!

Hotel Splendid Etoile Paris Reviews
The view from Hotel Splendid Etoile Paris.

Where is Hotel Splendid Etoile Located?

There are 12 boulevards that converging to the iconic Arc de Triomphe and Hotel Splendid Etoile is located at 17th arrondissement of Paris, only 3-minute walk away to the must-see Arc de Triomphe!

During our stay, we had easy access to see most of Paris’ iconic sites thanks to its strategic location in the heart of the city.

Not to mention it is only a few-minutes walking distance away from the famous Champs-Elysees to do some shopping.

Its prime location for the metro is also great for tourists to tackle some sight-seeing spots and within walking distance of an abundance of cafes and shops.

How To Get To Hotel Splendid Etoile?

There are several ways to get to the hotel when you are travelling in Paris:

By Metro: The hotel is very close to the train station. Take the 49 minutes RER A train to the Etoile station, and the hotel is only a 1-minute walk away! The cost of the ticket is about EUR 10.

By Uber / taxi : Take a taxi or Uber to travel to the hotel front door. This was the mode of transport we used when we visited. A 40-minutes drive from the airport to the hotel cost us about EUR 40.

If you are travelling from the Paris Charles-Gaulle Airport with luggages , I recommend taking Uber or taxi for convenience.

Night view of Arc de Triomphe
The night view from our room.

Hotel Splendid Etoile Review

Checking In Hotel Splendid Etoile

When we arrived at the hotel from the airport, we were astonished by the hotel’s facade and couldn’t stop taking photos in front of it. 

Nestled in an exquisite building built in the 1880, this elegant boutique hotel represents one of the most beautiful Haussmannian styles of architecture. The hotel is a 4-star hotel in Paris, and it’s design is elegant and luxurious. As to follow the regulation of architecture in Paris, the hotel is not too large with the 5-storey trapezoidal shape at the corner of the building.

The entrance hall of the hotel was small but set up in a very comfortable deco.

The check in process was a quick one and the staff were lovely and welcoming! I provided my booking ID through Agoda and my personal information to the hotel staff. Within minutes of verification and process, the staff passed me the room key and guided us to our room.

Hotel Splendid Etoile
The exterior of the hotel.

The most insta-famous room type of this hotel is the Privilege Suite with the full view of Arc de Triomphe. However, due to the architecture of the building, this room type is extremely limited, with only 3 to 4 rooms available.

Hotel Splendid Etoile Paris Review
The view from the room during winter.

As we planned this trip about three weeks ago which was quite last minute, most of the room types were fully booked, especially the famous Privilege Suite which has the full view of Arc de Triomphe. So if you plan to stay at this hotel, do book 3-5 months in advance during peak season as this room type is pretty limited.

Despite the peak and popular season, we were lucky to get the Superior with Balcony Room type overlooking the side view of Arc de Triomphe, 

Lift at hotel Splendid Etoile
The hotel has two lifts so you won't need to worry about carrying your luggages up the stairs.

Superior Double Room With Balcony

When the staff directed us to our room with the luggages, we were surprised by how spacious the room was! We had the impression that hotel rooms in Paris are notoriously small, but our room was large by Parisian standards.

The room features a big and comfortable double bed in the middle. With two large doors leading to the balcony, the room is constantly filled with natural light from the outside.

Our room was in second floor of the building so we had a pretty great view of the monument too. My best advice is to arrive early and request for room at second and third floor to get yourself the nicest view!

Splendid Etoile
The interior of the room.
The Interior of Hotel splendid Etoile paris
The interior of the room.
The interior design of hotel splendid etoile
The interior of the room.

Room Amenities

The room was exceptionally clean and cozy. Frankly, I loved every single detail in the room. 

The room set up was very complete and thoughtful. It was also furnished with one set of desk and chair for working and one set for drinking tea. The room was complete with a TV set and mini bar with wine, chocolate and drinking water with additional charge.

Inside the room there is also an electric heater on the wall that keep the guests warm during cold and winter seasons.

Apart form the spacious room design, the bathroom was clean and has comfortable space for shower, sink and toilet. It also comes with shampoo and shower gel set from the brand NUXE. The lighting in the bathroom was perfect too!

Toilet of hotel splendid etoile paris
The bathroom is spacious.

Breakfast With A View

When we booked this room, the breakfast the next morning was also included in the room package and we could choose whether to have breakfast in the room or in their dining hall. Without any hesitation we chose to have breakfast in the room facing the side of Arc de Triomphe. 

One thing to keep in mind is that, if you opt for breakfast in a room, you would have to pick your breakfast options on the card and hand it over to the staff or hang on your door knob the night before. 

Sun RIse
The sunrise view from the room's balcony.
Breakfast view from Hotel Splendid Etoile
The breakfast served in our room.
Hotel Splendid Etoile Paris Review
The breakfast served in our room.

The next day, the staff brought breakfast on time to our room. The breakfast was served nicely and we had it on the balcony with the picturesque view of Paris. It felt like a dream come true to me!

A top tip from me is to get the breakfast as early as 8:00 am because the glory of the sunrise makes the sky a perfect backdrop.

Checking Out Hotel Splendid Etoile

We were reluctant to say goodbye to such a cozy hotel with great view. The check out process was pretty quick. After I handed over the room key at the reception desk, the receptionist returned my hotel deposit after deducting the city tax. The staff also helped us with our luggages and thanked us sincerely.

Overall Impression

It was like a dream come true to me for staying in this hotel as I had seen a thousand times on the internet about how wonderful this place is! And the experience staying at Splendid Etoile was truly one of a kind.

We had the most wonderful stays for three nights in this hotel and loved the service overall. 

Throughout the stays, it felt like coming home to us everyday after a full day of sightseeing and shopping. We would definitely come back again and hopefully get to book the Privilege Suite next time!

When visiting Paris, it’s fun to stay in hotels with views of famous landmarks like the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. If you are planning your trip to Paris, other than Splendid Etoile , you definitely don’t want to miss out the opportunity to stay at these best hotels in Paris with Eiffel Tower view too!

Hotel Splendid Etoile Paris Ratings

These ratings are based on my personal experiences:

Room Comfort
Room View
Value for Money


1.How much does it cost to stay at Hotel Splendid Etoile Paris?

The cost of staying at Hotel Splendid Etoile varies based on the type of room, the duration you stay and the peak season or low season. During my last visit, I booked the Superior Double Room With Balcony room type for RM 1245 (~USD 300) per night. However, the room rate is dynamic. You may check the room rate via Agoda to reserve the best rate.

2.What are the check-in and check-out times at Hotel Splendid Etoile Paris?

The check-in time starts from 3pm to 12am while the check-out time is before 12pm.

3.Does Hotel Splendid Etoile Paris provide Free Wifi?

Yes, Free Wifi is provided for the guests. Based on my experience, the wifi connectivity is great and with little interruption.

4. Are pets allowed at Hotel Splendid Etoile Paris?

Yes, pets are typically allowed at the hotel but it is always best to call ahead to confirm with the hotel.

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I hope you find this Hotel Splendid Etoile Paris review helpful to plan your stay in Paris. If you have any suggestions or questions, you’re welcome to leave a comment in the comment section below.