Where To Stay In Taipei? Best Areas Revealed

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So, where to stay in Taipei? 

Whenever I search for lodging, my initial step involves researching which area of the city hosts the majority of the attractions I intend to explore. This way, I can select my accommodation based on its proximity to these destinations, ultimately allowing me to save time on commuting to my desired places.

Same goes to travelling in Taipei. There are a lot to see in Taipei and most of the highlights are scattered around in the city. Hence, I have explored a few districts and differentiated each of them based on their major attractions. 

In this blog post, I’ll explore some of the best areas to stay in Taipei to help you make an informed decision for your upcoming trip.

Where To Stay In Taipei

There are so many sides of Taipei, or I should say different “faces” of Taipei. 

You can go to hiking, religious places, and go to the city to explore the shopping streets and great local food. 

There are a total of 12 districts in Taipei and each of the districts has different things to explore.

No matter you are in Taipei for a quick detour or a deep dive visiting the city, here are the top 5 areas to stay at and the best things to do in each area.

Quick Tips

  • Best place in Taipei for Shopping : Xinyi District – Best to shop at Taipei 101 Mall, ATT 4 Fun shopping complex and street markets!
  • Best place in Taipei for Night Markets: Songshan District – This is pretty debatable. Because the most famous night market is Shihlin Market in Shihlin District. However, I personally prefer Raohe Night Market so I would recommend to stay at Songshan district to be closer to Raohe Night Market!
  • Best place in Taipei for Nightlife : Xinyi District & Wanhua District – Ximending in Wanhua district is the most happening in the district. And Xinyi District is overall a very lively neighbourhood even late at night.
  • Best place in Taipei for First-Timers: Zhongzhen District – The transportation in Zhongzhen is the most convenient of all. Due to its location, Zhongzhen District is very well-connected to public transportation, including Taipei Main Station, which serves as a major transportation hub for trains and MRT lines. This central location makes it easy to access other parts of Taipei and beyond.

Xinyi District

Taipei 101 tower - Taiwan Bucket List
Taipei 101 Tower

Xinyi is Taipei’s upscale district, known for its modern skyline, high-end shopping, and vibrant nightlife. It’s home to Taipei 101, a global icon of architectural excellence.

Visitors can take a high-speed elevator to the observatory deck for panoramic city views. Xinyi is also a shopping paradise, with luxury boutiques in Taipei 101 Mall, the sprawling Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, and the trendy ATT 4 Fun shopping complex.

And this place is also crowded with cafes especially suited for digital nomads.

Things To See : Taipei 101 is a must see in Xinyi district. However, aside from the famous sky scrapper, Taipei World Trade Centre is also a highlight in this area. If you like natural parks, visit the Elephant Mountain , no matter at night or in the morning, climb up to the Elephant Mountain and you will be served with amazing panoramic view of the city!

Accommodation : Xinyi offers a range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels like the W Taipei and Grand Hyatt Taipei to mid-range and boutique hotels. Prices start at around $150 per night and can go significantly higher for premium options.

Da'an District

Da'an forest park
Da'an forest park

Da’an District is a known for its cultural richness.

You will notice its uniqueness when you are in the area. The Taipei Artist Village is an artistic community where you can engage with local and international artists and view their exhibitions.

If you like fashion, art and culture, Da’an district is definitely a heaven on earth to you.

Things to see : Explore the Taipei Artist Village for contemporary art, stroll along Yongkang Street for local street food, especially the famous Yong Kang Beef Noodle. After eating, you can go for a walk at Da’an Forest Park too.

Accommodation : Da’an offers a range of accommodation options, including boutique hotels and guesthouses. The accommodation costs in Da’an is slightly lower compare to Xinyi District. Prices start at around $80 per night for budget options, with mid-range and upscale choices available as well. Some of the best places to stay in this area are like Rido Hotel, Kimpton Da an Hotel, and Madison Taipei which is a Michelin hotel in Taipei.

Zhongshan District

Zhongshan district
Zhongshan district

If you love to explore historical side of a city, then Zhongshan district is best suit for you. 

I love to explore historic sites as well as the vibrant city of a country. So, for me, Zhongshan District and Xinyi district are two of my favourites.

Zhongshan is a district steeped in history. Dihua Street is a preserved heritage area where you can step back in time and explore well-preserved traditional shops, selling everything from Chinese herbs to textiles.

Things to see : There are a lot to see in this area. One of the famous highlights in this district is the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan, a unique attraction showcasing intricate miniatures and dollhouses from around the world. Another attraction is the Xiahai City God Temple which is an excellent example of  Taiwan religious architecture.

Accommodation: This district offers a more budget-friendly accommodation options for traveller, especially for backpackers. There are a lot of guesthouses in this area and prices start at around $60 per night for budget options, making it a cost-effective choice. A few of the great options are : Star Hostel,Dandy Hotel, and many more.

Wanhua District

Ximending in Taipei
Ximending in Wanhua District.

Wanhua is one of Taipei’s oldest districts, offering a blend of tradition and modernity. It’s famous for its night markets and historic landmarks.

The famous Ximending (西门町)is one of the highlights of the area. Ximending itself was under the influence of Japanese colonial era, hence the place is like a little Japan and it’s very happening.

Besides the shopping area, Wanhua district is also home to many historical buildings like temples from the Qing Dynasty.

Things to see : The historic Longshan Temple is a must visit especially if you want to understand the Chinese religious practices. Ximending is another place to go to if you love shopping. Red House Theatre is also a great place to visit to see the various cultural events and performances held in this theatre. Other than that, there are many night markets in this district as well, such as Huaxi Street Night market.

Accommodation : With so many things to see and do in Wanhua district, its accommodation options are not as expensive as Xinyi District. The stay in this area usually starts at $35 per night and there are a lot of hostel and guesthouses to choose from. Recommendation in this area : Tomorrow hotel, Muzik HotelWestgate hotel

Songshan District

Where to stay in Taipei : Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Brigde at night.

Songshan district is a creative hub in Taipei. Creativity and innovation is synonymous with Songshan.

One of the attractions in this area is the renowned Raohe Night Market. The lively atmosphere in this night market is unlike any others. Aside from the night market, Songshan district is also famous with the Rainbow bridge at night.

Things to see : Visit Songshan Cultural and Creative Park for galleries and exhibitions. Try stinky tofu at Raohe Night Market and I’m sure you will love it!

Accommodation : The cost to stay at Songshan District is similar to Da’an District. The accommodation expense starts at $80 per night for mid-rang hotels. A few good options are : Illume Taipei, Ambience Hotel, Le Suites .

Zhongzhen District

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
Rainbow Brigde at night.

This district is home to several shopping streets and districts that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Zhongzheng District is also home to some of Taipei’s most iconic historical landmarks, including the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

Staying in this district allows you to easily explore these important sites and gain insights into Taiwan’s history and culture.

Things to see : Apart from the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, the district is home to the National Taiwan Museum, the 228 Memorial Park, and the Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall. These cultural sites offer opportunities for learning and appreciation of Taiwan’s heritage.

Accommodation : Zhongzheng offers a range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses and hostels. It’s an ideal choice for travelers looking for a central location with easy access to both historical and modern attractions. Here are some of the best options in the area: Taipei Garden Hotel, Caesar Park Taipei

Selecting the best area to stay in Taipei ultimately depends on your travel priorities, be it shopping, cultural exploration, culinary adventures, or historical immersion. Each district caters to a different facet of Taipei’s diverse personality, promising a memorable and enriching experience.

By strategically choosing your accommodation based on the areas you intend to explore, you can make the most of your time in this vibrant city.