The Nature Phuket Hotel Review : A 5-Star Hotel in Phuket

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It is difficult to pass up a trip to Phuket for a relaxing getaway with its crystal-clear blue waters, incredible Thai cuisines, and exciting water activities. I have visited Phuket a few times over the years and I am thrilled to be back in Phuket after the pandemic-related travel restrictions.

This time I travel to Phuket with my family. The five of us have previously visited Phuket and for this trip, we wanted a much more relaxed and laid-back experience. Therefore, we began searching for a hotel with a calm and tranquil atmosphere. After conducting thorough research and reading reviews from several hotel booking websites as well as considering our budget, we finally made our decision and chose The Nature Phuket as our destination.

In this The Nature Phuket hotel review blog post, I’ll take a closer look at The Nature Phuket, a 5-star hotel located just 2-minute drive away from the famous Patong Beach. From the comfort of the rooms to the friendly staff and top-notch amenities, I’ll provide a comprehensive overview of what this hotel has to offer and whether it’s worth a stay. So, sit back, relax and let me guide you on The Nature Phuket review!

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The Nature Phuket Hotel Review

As the name of the hotel implies, The Nature Phuket Hotel is a stunning retreat located in the tropical paradise of Phuket, Thailand. This hotel boasts an idyllic setting surrounded by lush greenery and stunning natural beauty, providing guests with a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

living room of grand suite two bedroom
The Grand Suite Two Bedroom

The Nature Phuket hotel’s location is ideal. It has pools and rooms that facing to the sea as well as to the lush mountain. 

It has SHA plus standard , which is a certificate given by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to hotels and services that meet pandemic-level safety and health standards.

I like the location of The Nature Phuket hotel as it is situated just a 5-minute drive from the bustling Patong Beach. This allows us to experience the peacefulness of the hotel while being conveniently close to the lively atmosphere of Bangla road and Patong Beach.

Checking In The Nature Phuket Hotel

Bar area at hotel lobby
The bar area at the hotel lobby.

We took a van-taxi from Phuket International Airport directly to The Nature Phuket Hotel. The journey from the airport to the hotel was approximately 45 minutes. 

The hotel was situated along the road and the beach was just a stone’s throw away. 

We dropped by at the hotel’s lobby and proceeded to check in. I was taken aback by the fact that the hotel’s lobby was rather compact considering it was a 5-star rated hotel. 

The staff greeted us welcomingly and made sure we sanitised before entry. The reception area had several designated seating areas available for guests to use while they wait.

The check-in process was not quite smooth. We arrived at around 2pm the local time and it was quite busy at the lobby as most people were checking-in or checking out.I went to the check-in counter and the staff asked me to wait for a brief period of 5 minutes before they could assist me. 

After approximately 5 minutes had passed, the staff attended to my check-in request. However, I was informed that the room was not yet ready and I would have to wait for approximately one hour before receiving the room. The receptionist expressed her apologies to us and provided us free welcome drink from the bar. I was disappointed that our plans would have to be adjusted due to the hour-long wait at the hotel but luckily we got our room at within one hour.

Grand Suite Two Bedroom

The staff helped us with our luggages and used the buggy to bring us to our hotel room. The resort features multiple structures connected by the swimming pool. It gives the impression of being in a natural environment as it is surrounded by trees and hills.

The buildings here are about 5-storey high and each building was equipped with lift.

When we were escorted to our room, we were in awe by how beautiful the view from our room was! Our suite was on the second floor of the building and featured a nice pool-facing balcony. We booked Grand Suite Two Bedroom for the five of us to stay and we were surprised that the suite was spacious and has a Jacuzzi !

The suite was very spacious and it features two separate bedrooms, both with plush king-size beds and tastefully designed interiors. Upon entering from the main entrance, we were greeted by a spacious living room with large windows offering a view of the pool and lush greenery.

Suite door of The Nature Phuket hotel
The main door of our Grand Suite.
Living Room of Grand Suite at The Nature Phuket hotel
The living room is decorated with minimalistic and calming style.

The suite’s design was very minimalistic yet elegant in style. The living room is located in between the two bedrooms and each of the bedrooms has its own door.

The master bedroom comes with a large bathroom and a Jacuzzi at the balcony! I loved that the Jacuzzi was at the balcony looking to the pool and greenery. 

The master bedroom at Grand Suite in The Nature Phuket hotel
The master bedroom.
Jacuzzi at the balcony of master bedroom
The Jacuzzi at the balcony of master bedroom
Bathroom at Master Bedroom
The bathroom in the Master Bedroom.

The Nature Phuket hotel has rooms that come with either sea view or pool view. As the grand suite were all comes with pool view, we requested for the suite with the best pool view and we were not disappointed.  Looking over from the balcony was the swimming pool at the ground floor area. With the windows opened, we could listen to the sound of the leaves rustlings and the bird chirping in the morning giving us a feeling of living in the nature.

The second room at the Grand Suite in The Nature Phuket hotel
The second room of The Grand Suite.
Soft and firm pillows
Soft and firm pillows provided by the hotel.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover the pillows offered by the hotel, which included both soft and firm options, allowing guests to choose based on their personal preferences. This was a first for me, as I had never encountered a hotel providing this level of consideration before.

The Amenities

The suite comes with two sets of TV where one was at the living room and another one in the master bedroom.

The suite also features a compact dining area located adjacent to the coffee and refrigerator area. The setting of the dining area was very comfortable. 

The minibar area was equipped with water-heater, Nescafe coffee sachets, water bottles as well as snack bars. 

Minibar with coffee and tea maker
Standard coffee and tea maker provided by the hotel.

Each room is equipped with a hairdryer, so there was no need to worry about taking turns to dry our hair. Shampoo and shower gel were also well-prepared by the hotel for both bathroom.

However, to our surprise, the room was not equipped us with toothbrush and toothpaste. We had to call to ask for free toothbrush and toothpaste.  We soon realised that it was written in the handbook that toothbrush and toothpaste will be provided upon request. 

Just keep in mind that it’s a good idea to bring your own toothbrush set in case the resort does not supply one.

Shampoo and shower gel in the grand suite bathroom
Shampoo , shower gel and conditional.
Hairdryer and Laundry bag by hotel.
Hairdryer, Laundry bag and the safety box.
The iron board
Iron, Iron board and slippers.

The Breakfast

We did not select the complimentary breakfast when we booked the room on hotel booking websites as we wanted to try breakfast at different places. The first morning we went for the breakfast buffet in the hotel’s restaurant called Nana. 

We paid at the restaurant for the breakfast which was priced at 350 Baht per person.

The restaurant has outdoor and indoor seating to choose from. The indoor seating was air-conditioned and nearer to the food station while the outdoor-seating was next to the pond and surrounded by greenery. We chose to sit outdoor besides the pond.

The Nature Phuket hotel Review : breakfast
The breakfast at The Nature Phuket hotel
The pastry section at Nana Restaurant in The Nature Phuket hotel
The pastry section
The coffee and tea maker at the buffet breakfast
Coffee and tea maker section at the buffet breakfast.

The breakfast buffet was international style with the standard dishes like pastry, egg station, salad, cereals and savoury dishes. The available food options were of a standard quantity. From my perspective, the breakfast did not seem to be worth its cost as it was served cold and lacked flavour. Only the fruits and egg served were good so we decided not to have our breakfast at the hotel the next morning.

After a full breakfast, we went for a walk along the pool area and chill by the poolside.

The Facilities at The Nature Phuket

The Nature Phuket hotel has three swimming pools in total. One was at the front of the hotel with the sea view. Another one is kids’ pool which accommodate to kid’s height. The kids’ pool also comes with a fun manmade waterfall and slides. The third pool is the swimming pool outside of my suite. It is a long stretching pool and facing the lush greenery. I liked the third pool the most as it is most calming and relaxing.

The vibe was so relaxing I could chill at here for a whole day.

Swimming pool at the Nature Phuket hotel
The pastry section
Swimming pool at The Nature Phuket hotel
The swimming pool deck.
The Nature Phuket hotel

The gym facilities also located at the front of the hotel. We did not go the gym as we were captured by the swimming pool. 


The Nature Phuket hotel provides free shuttle service for the guests. The shuttle will drop off the guests at both Patong Beach and Jungceylon Shopping Center.

To utilize the complimentary shuttle service offered at the hotel, guests must follow a set schedule. We made a reservation for the following day by calling and the shuttle arrived promptly. The free shuttle was a great perk as it offered a convenient mode of transportation between the hotel and nearby attractions. I also observed that other 5-star hotels on the island offered similar shuttle services.

Free shuttle service provided by The Nature Phuket hotel
Free shuttle can accommodate about 25 person.

Check-Out The Nature Phuket Hotel

After two nights of staying at The Nature Phuket hotel, we were reluctant to say goodbye to the comfortable bed and the pretty view from our suite.

We leaved at 9 in the morning to catch our flight.

The checkout process was pretty quick and we said goodbye to the hotel and hopped on for a 45 minutes journey to airport.

living room of grand suite two bedroom
Check out from the lovely Grand Suite.

Overall Impression

These ratings are based on my personal experiences:

Room Comfort
Room View
Value for Money

Overall, we had a pleasant yet memorable experience staying at the Grand Suite Two Bedroom in The Nature Phuket Hotel.  With the best views of the lush greenery from the suite, attentive staff and great pool, the Nature Phuket Hotel has given me a memorable stay in Phuket. The only aspect that I would hope to see improvement in is the breakfast buffet. The Nature Phuket hotel would be an unbeatable hotel in Phuket if they enhanced their breakfast buffet.

I highly recommend a stay at The Nature Phuket hotel for a peaceful and rejuvenating experience, especially if you’re traveling with family. 


1. How much does it cost to stay at The Nature Phuket Hotel?

The rate for this room type was approximately RM 1600 per night during our stay. Considering it was during the peak season, the 5-star hotel was moderately priced. 

The prices at The Nature Phuket hotel may vary depending on your stay for example different season and different room types. Check the availability and the rate here.

2. What are the check-in and check-out times at The Nature Phuket hotel?

The check-in time at The Nature Phuket Hotel is 3:00pm and guest may check out latest by 12 pm.

3. Is breakfast offered at The Nature Phuket hotel?

The hotel offers buffet breakfast at Nana Restaurant at an additional charge of 350 Baht per person. However, you may add on breakfast at a cheaper rate when you book hotel through hotel booking websites.

4. The Nature Phuket Hotel buffet lunch and dinner selection.

There are two restaurants in The Nature Phuket hotel. 

Nana restaurant serves breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner. It has buffet and a la carte menu to choose from. Nana restaurant serves a wide range of cuisines which are American, Thai and seafood dishes.

Another restaurant in the hotel is Nour restaurant. Nour restaurant only serves a la carte dinner menu. If you are craving for European, Pizza or Indian food, head over to Nour restaurant for a satisfying feast.