Royal Pacific Hotel Review : My Wonderful Stay In Hong Kong

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Here comes my Royal Pacific hotel review after so long I came back from the trip!

When I was planning the trip to Hong Kong, one thing that took me not long to decide is on the accommodation. At first, I had the impression that accommodations in Hong Kong are typically quite compact, and the cost could be two to three times that of Malaysia for a room of standard size.

After looking a few, comparing on location, room cleanliness and pricing, I have decided to book Royal Pacific hotel for our stay in Hong Kong for 3 nights.

If you’re here, I’m sure you’re considering the Royal Pacific Hotel for your stay in Hong Kong but might not be entirely certain. Let’s delve into my experience of the hotel and Royal Pacific hotel review in this post to help you make an informed decision!

Royal Pacific Hotel review in Hong Kong
Royal Pacific Hotel in Hong Kong

Excellent Location

Location is one of the deciding factors when it comes to looking for accommodation in a foreign country.

I always seek accommodations that are easily accessible and convenient to reach malls and markets.

Royal Pacific Hotel caught my attention when I was searching because of its great location at Tsim Sha Tsui. It is located right beside the famous Harbour City Mall, one of the largest mall in Hong Kong. Also, you can easily access to all types of transportation from Royal Pacific Hotel, which to me is a super add-on points for a hotel. It is easily accessible to bus, MTR, taxi and even boat to China!

When we arrived at Hong Kong International Airport, we called an Uber ride to get us to the hotel and it only took around 35 minutes from Airport to hotel.

One drawback of the location is that if you take the Hong Kong Airport Express to the city, you won’t arrive directly at the hotel. Instead, you’ll need to either take a bus or walk across a few streets to reach the hotel, which was less convenient for us, especially with our luggage.

Checking In

Lobby of Royal Pacific Hotel
Lobby of Royal Pacific Hotel

When we arrived at the front of the hotel, we were greeted by the doorman and they helped us with the luggage. 

The lobby of the hotel is comfortable and modern. For a hotel that has more than 30 years of history, I believe they renovated and refurbished the lobby to make it look new and modern. 

Overall, the check-in process was quick and the staff at the check-in counter was friendly. We arrived around 1pm which was way ahead of the check-in time, but luckily there was empty room that allow us to check-in early.

Standard Room

When we arrived at our room, we were amazed by the view of the room and of course, the room size!

The room size is standard, measuring approximately 23 square meters. To us, this is quite spacious for a hotel room in Hong Kong at this price point (~ RM 800/night).

The view of Tsim Sha Tsui from the hotel room.
The view of Tsim Sha Tsui from the hotel room.

The view from our room is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

We can see the busy street opposite the hotel and the Harbour city shopping mall is just right in front.

Two single beds room
Two single beds room
the hallway leading up to the room
the hallway leading up to the room

One thing to mention is that, I was a little bit shocked when I walk into the hallway leading up to our room. 

The hallway on the room floors appeared somewhat dated and less modern compared to the lobby’s appearance. It was kind of like a change of impression. I guess the hotel were doing progressively refurnish to remake the hotel outlook.

Although it was dated, but it was clean so we were not worried.

Coffee and cups
Room Amenities

The amenities inside the room are well-prepared and organised. 

The coffee section has the water boiler, coffee sachet and cups.

The beds are comfortable for us and it is quite the standard of a 4-star hotel. 

Private bathroom
Private bathroom

The private bathroom also offers ample space for both showering and a dry area.

They provided basic toiletries such as a shower cap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and cotton buds.

On the shower side, they also provided shower gel and shampoo.

Checking Out

On the last day of our Hong Kong trip, we check out early from the hotel and keep our luggage at the hotel as our flight is in the evening.

The checkout process was quick and easy. We just handed over the room cards to the counter and it’s done. One thing I appreciated about this hotel is that they didn’t require a deposit from us. They only charged us afterward if we used anything that wasn’t complimentary in the room.

Overall Impression

I have been to Hong Kong twice and this was the first time I visited without following any tour guide.

I was glad and grateful that we booked this hotel as it was really super convenient. Royal Pacific Hotel has the best location, great views from the hotel room and friendly staff.

If I were to visit next time, I think I would choose to stay at the wings where the rooms has sea view!

Royal Pacific Hotel Ratings

These ratings are based on my personal experience:

Room Comfort
Room View
Value for Money