6 Best Pet-Friendly Cafe In KL : Bring Your Furry Kids Along

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If you’re a pet owner who enjoys taking your furry friend along for cafe hopping in Kuala Lumpur, you’re in luck – there’s no shortage of pet-friendly cafe options to choose from.

However, it’s worth noting that while many cafes are open to pets, only a select few manage to strike the perfect balance between offering delectable food and creating a welcoming environment for both humans and their animal companions.

In this post, I will share with you some of the best pet-friendly cafes that I’d been to and I highly recommend to visit to these pet-friendly cafes with your furry friends.

Pet-friendly cafe in Kuala Lumpur
Pet cafe in Kuala Lumpur

Cubs & Cups

Cubs & Cups is one of my favourite cafes to visit in Kuala Lumpur whenever I bring my furry kid to for brunch.

This pet-friendly cafe is located in Sri Hartamas. The cafe is located on the ground floor, and to maintain an open-air atmosphere while allowing pets to roam freely, they’ve set up a fence at the front. And I think the open air concept is what makes it odourless compare to other cafe.

They too offer pets’ menu. The pets are also allowed to mingle around freely with other pets.

Opening Hours : Daily 9:30am – 10:30 pm;  Tuesday Closed.

Contact : 014-507 0249


Little Chirpy Hub

Little Chirpy Hub is a very homy and comfortable pet-friendly cafe located in Bangsar. 

It follows a housing-turned-cafe concept, situated next to a pet hostel and grooming centre. One of the highlights of this cafe, which I particularly love, is the small green lawn outdoors where furry kids can roam freely.

Despite the occasional barking sounds from the adjacent pet centre, the cafe offers a cozy ambiance, and the food is delightful.

Opening Hours : Daily 8 am – 4 pm ; Saturday & Sunday 8am – 8pm; Tuesday closed.

Contact : 016-239 8672


Clawset Pet Cafe

Clawset Pet Cafe is another pet-friendly cafe that has been a few years in the area.

The pet cafe is located at the upper floor of the shoplot. It is quite a popular pet cafe so it usually gets crowded with pets running around freely.

The food, especially their waffles, is delightful. Though there’s a slight hint of pet odor in the environment, it remains manageable.

Opening Hours : Daily 10 am – 8 pm

Contact :017-470 0618


Flakes (The Hub SS2)

The Hub SS2 features a pet-friendly area, inviting residents from the neighbourhood to bring their pets for a leisurely stroll or enjoy breakfast at the cafes.

And Flakes is one of the pet-friendly cafe at The Hub SS2. Pet owners are welcome to sit at the outdoor seating area with their pets. These cafes welcome all kind of pets and I have seen people bringing birds to the cafe too.

The food is excellent, and the pet-friendly feature adds to the cafe’s charm.

Opening Hours : Daily 9:30 am – 6 pm 

Contact : 011-1760 4816


Urban Daybreak

Another pet-friendly gem in Bangsar! Urban Daybreak is one of the OG of cafe scene in Malaysia and It has recently became one of the pet-friendly cafe too.

Urban Daybreak is already renowned for its scrumptious Australian-style breakfast. The recent addition of a pet-friendly concept has only added to the cafe’s charm.

The environment here is relaxed, and pets can freely roam around, enhancing the overall experience.

Opening Hours : Daily 7:30 am – 4:45 pm 

Contact : 03-2303 0172


Mei by Fat Spoon

Similar to Flakes, Mei by Fat Spoon is a pet-friendly cafe in The Hub SS2.

Mei by Fat Spoon is a Japanese restaurant that also welcomes pets to come along at their outdoor seating. 

As al fresco seating at Mei by Fat Spoon is limited and the restaurant is quite popular in the neighbourhood, it’s advisable to arrive early with your pets to secure a seat.

Opening Hours : Daily 11 am – 9:30 pm (Monday Closed)

Contact :03-6420 3879

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Visiting a pet-friendly cafe is not only for amazing food but it is also a great session to bond with your pets. Study shows that pets and especially dogs love to go outdoor! So , whether it is for physical health or mental health, it only has benefits to bring your pets to outdoor for either exercise or relaxed afternoon.

Pet-friendly restaurants and cafes are not yet common in Malaysia, but fortunately, an increasing number of cafes have started welcoming pets to tag along.

While there are more than six pet-friendly cafes in KL and Selangor, the six listed here stand out as the most top-rated, and I highly recommend them. Check out these cafes next time when you feel like to bring your pets outdoor for a coffee break.

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