My Scooter Road Trip Around Taiwan

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I’ve always wanted to return to Taiwan for a vacation since my first trip there in high school. And the opportunity to visit Taiwan arose few years later because two of my best friends had relocated to Taiwan for further studies. After graduated from my 4-years Degree studies, I finally planned the trip to visit my friends in Taiwan (Yayyyy!) and we are travelling on a scooter : Our First Ever Scooter Road Trip! Taking a road trip on scooter around Taiwan is one of my bucket list!

One of my friends is my high school bestie while another one is my uni roommate. Since they are staying in different city in Taiwan, I visited my high school bestie (in Yilan) first and then go on a few day trip with my uni roommate (in Taipei) 

Scooter Road Trip : Renting A Scooter In Taiwan

If you are reading this post, I am sure you are planning for a scooter trip around Taiwan. This time the trip is a little more special than my any other trips before because it is my first time travelling in a foreign country on a scooter! I was really excitedly looking forward to this brand new experience.

Of course, my bestie is the one riding the scooter bringing me around as I do not have the license for riding the scooter. It was really fun and I think everyone should try it once ! If you want to explore the island by riding the scooter on your own, you may apply for International Driver’s Permit (IDP) to be eligible to rent a scooter. You may also check out this website for more details which I find it quite useful.

Throughout the trip, we had utilised many different transport modes other than the scooter. We took train, HSR, bus, cab and walk! All and all, we loved the experience of traveling around on a scooter the most.

This trip was mostly exploring the nature part of Taiwan rather than the city scape in Taipei. The ratio of nature to city tour in this trip was about 7:3 and we mostly rode on scooter when traveling to nature sights.

It is quite convenience and suitable for us to travel on scooter as we could randomly stop by any interesting places along the way.

We could either stop to have a lunch.

When we came upon a beautiful scenery that we were unaware existed, we could also stop by to take a photography. It’s full of surprise. And I believe this is the most important element of my trip that has taught me about life. “The journey is the reward” a quote I had seen somewhere else popped up in my mind.

Scooter road trip :Scooter we rented in Taiwan.
The scooter that we rode for the trip.

When Is the Best Month to visit Taiwan?

One thing to bear in mind is that always bring the SUNBLOCK when you are traveling on a scooter as the scorching sun in the summer will cause you sunburn.

When I visited Taiwan in June, it was during their hottest season yet. So I would recommend to travel on scooter in between September to November as the weather turns cooler and dry.

If you are traveling the whole of Taiwan in September, I would recommend starting the trip from the north part to the south of Taiwan as the weather in north turns cooler first.

However, despite the hotness during June, traveling on scooter is truly an incredible experience. It allowed me to explore Taiwan like a local and discover hidden gems in small alleys that I would not have found if I had travelled by any other types of public transportation. For further detail about my overall trip in Taiwan, you may read more in this post.

Overall, I really enjoyed riding a scooter and travelling around Taiwan. The scooter road trip is truly a unique experience. The process of renting a scooter in Taiwan is also very smooth and easy. You could find scooter rental shops near almost every train station.