The PERFECT 6 Days in Melbourne Itinerary: Best Things To Do

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From world-class art galleries and excellent cafes to world heritage and wild animals, Melbourne is hands down one of my favourite cities in the world.

The city has so much to offer and things to do that you have no chance of getting bored.  Melbourne is a big city and it needs at least 6 days to travel through the major sights. To make the most out of it, follow this 6 days in Melbourne itinerary especially if it is your first time to Melbourne!

Melbourne Itinerary : Day 1

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market has been Melbourne’s iconic outdoor market since 1878. As well as a huge range of fresh produce, you can also grab some croissants and coffee from the cafes in the market. Shop for the local handcraft, clothing, skincare and flowers from the vendors in the market. Spend the morning in the market and get some free wine samples from Swords Wines while you’re in the food hall.

Hosier Lane

When I was traveling in Melbourne, I often came across graffiti art at random streets and train stations. One of the famous areas with graffiti art in Melbourne is Hosier Lane. A short walk across Flinders Street brings you to Melbourne’s most well-known street art collection. This back alley’s graffiti and murals are constantly changing, but they are always vibrant and edgy.

One of the street art in Hosier Lane
One of the arts in Hosier Lane.
Melbourne Itinerary : Hosier lane in Melbourne
One of the arts in Hosier Lane.

Flinder Street Station is one of the historical landmarks in Melbourne. Opened in 1854, the railway station that sits at the corner between Flinder Street and Swanston street has become the oldest station in Australia. Take a walk at the Flinder Station and admire the architectural design of the 1920s or join a tour to understand the history of the building.

In the evening, take a stroll at the most historical and beautiful garden in Melbourne : The Fitzroy Gardens. Existing since 1859, it has close to 200 years of history. The design of the garden is reminiscent of the classic Victorian era, with pathways lined with magnificent elm trees, some of the best grown in Victoria. Inside the garden, there are several significant buildings worth visiting and one of my favourites is the Cooks cottage.

Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne
Fitzroy Gardens.
Melbourne day trip : Visit Cottage in Fitzroy gardens Emlbourne
Wearing the costume in the cottage.

Melbourne Itinerary : Day 2 & Day 3

Great Ocean Road - 12 Apostles

One of the highlights of my Melbourne trip was the drive along the Great Ocean Road to see the 12 Apostles.  With unique rock formations and small seaside towns, the Great Ocean Road is one of the most scenic drives in the world.The Great Ocean Road is definitely one of the must go in any Melbourne Itinerary. Although a day trip to the Great Ocean Road is possible, an overnight trip is recommended because there is so much to see there. 


With a total of 243 kilometres along the Great Ocean Road from surf capital Torquay to the 12 Apostles,  the best way to travel along the coast is by rental car where you’ll be constantly in awe of the beauty of nature.  


It’s a simple drive from Melbourne that takes you through a lush rainforest, along cliff tops, and surf beaches. Along the way, spot koalas, kangaroos and even whales, zip-line your way through a treetop canopy. There are several lookout points that are worth stopping by including Gibson Steps, Twelve Apostles Lookout, London Bridge, Grotto, Loch Ard Gorge


Driving out of Melbourne city and through Geelong, then you will first reach Torquay the surf town. If you are keen to surf or would like to learn surfing, make a stop at Bell’s Beach which is the world famous surf spot.

Melbourne Itinerary - The great ocean road
The Twelve Apostles.

The best way to travel to the Great Ocean Road is to drive along and stop by at the Lookout points! If you don’t have a driver’s licence and prefer to travel in a group, this Great Ocean Road group tour from Klook is the best option.

Melbourne Itinerary : Day 4

If you love to see art pieces, then National Gallery of Victoria is the one that you should visit when in Melbourne. Being the most visited art museum in Australia, National Gallery of Victoria welcomes 3 million visitors each year. The admission to the gallery is free but some special exhibits might cost an entrance fee. The gallery is large, so plan on spending a couple of hours admiring the 75000 contemporary arts, paintings, sculptures, and artworks.

An 8-minute ride away from the National Gallery of Victoria is where the state Library of Victoria is located. This library is the oldest library in Australia as well as the one of the first free public libraries in the world. Despite the tremendous 2 millions of book collections in this library, its splendid 19th century interior architecture is the reason why locals and tourists flock to visit. With its magnificent octagonal domed ceiling, the La Trobe Reading Room stands out as a particular highlight.

Melbourne State Library of Victoria
The reading room in the State Library of Victoria.

Shrine Of Remembrance

Shrine of Remembrance is a war memorial located on St. Kilda road. The shrine was built to honor the men and women who served in wars. The monument’s stunning structure is a resemblance of the famous Pantheon in Athens. Admission to the shrine is free and one of the top highlights in the building is the gallery of medals that spans a 40-meters long wall. Despite that , the 360 degree rooftop views up the shrine is the perfect place to see Melbourne;s city skyline!

Melbourne itinerary - Shrine of remembrance
Shrine of Remembrance
Wall of medal in Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne
The wall of medals in the Shrine of Remembrance.

Melbourne Itinerary : Day 5

St.Kilda Beach

Melbourne is a coastal city and there are a number of beach spots to enjoy a beach day.  St. Kilda is one of the popular beaches for locals and tourists in Melbourne. Take a day trip to the St. Kilda beach and enjoyed the sea breeze while enjoying coffee at the cafes. Another highlight at the St. Kilda is an amusement park called Luna Park. It is an historical amusement park that draws locals’ attractions. Luna Park has a whole range of rides and it is definitely fun to go especially for families with kids.

Postcard from St.Kilda Beach
St.Kilda Beach Postcard.

Brighton Bathing Box

Just another 10 minutes car ride or 30 minutes bus ride from St. Kilda Beach, you will reach the iconic colorful beach boxes at Brighton Beach. This place is famous not only for Instagram crowds, but also for the locals and tourists alike. In the late 1800s, these 82 colorful wooden boxes were constructed to protect bathers’ modesty so that women could put on their swimwear in private. And till today, it has become a popular place for wonderful shots. 

Bathing Boxes in Brighton Beach
Brighton Bathing Boxes.

Melbourne Itinerary : Day 6

Puffing Billy Half Day Trip

One of my favourite things to do in Melbourne is to go on a Puffing Billy Railway Trip! Located 42 km away from the Melbourne CBD, it is easy to get to the Puffing Billy Belgrave’s station by metro Train from Melbourne CBD station. Start the steam train trip from Belgrave station up to the Lakeside. The scenic railway trip is very fun, especially riding on the open-air steam train and journey into the Dandenong ranges. One of the highlights is sitting on the carriage sill and waving to hikers on the trails.

Puffing Billy steam Train in Melbourne
Waving from the Puffing Billy Steam Train.

Book the tickets to Puffing Billy Steam Train here.

Melbourne Zoo

Seeing wildlife is one of the top activities in Melbourne. There are several great zoos in Australia and Melbourne Zoo is one of the most popular zoos in the country. This zoo is large with thousands of animals, birds and reptiles. It sheltered animals such as kangaroo, koala, platypus, African wild dog, Tasmanian devils, Sumatran tiger and many more. Visitors typically spend 3 to 4 hours in the zoo so a half day trip to the zoo is enough to see the interesting wildlife.

Melbourne zoo
Melbourne Zoo was established in 1862.
Koala bear in Melbourne Zoo
The cute Koala bear in Melbourne Zoo.

Book the tickets to Melbourne Zoo in advance here.

Where To Stay in Melbourne?

There are a lot of great stays in Melbourne. Melbourne is big and it depends on which part of Melbourne you plan to explore. If it is your first time to Melbourne and would love to explore all the major sights, then staying in the city center where public transport is highly accessible is most ideal.


Budget : Ibis Budget Melbourne

Mid-range : Oakwood Premier Melbourne

Luxury : Grand Hyatt Melbourne

When Is The Best Time To Visit Melbourne?

The ideal time to visit Melbourne is in the spring, from late March to early May and also in autumn, from September to November. These times of the year is when the weather is most chilly and too hot yet not too cold to travel.  However, due to these two peak seasons, do expect that accommodation will be slightly more pricy as these are the most busiest times.

How To Get Around in Melbourne?

Melbourne city has a network of public transportation that makes it easy to access. 

Bus : Melbourne’s bus system connects to all major hubs (shopping centres, attractions, etc.). The cost varies depending on how many zones you’ll be travelling through, with prices starting at 3 AUD. A day pass costs 10 AUD. For transportation, you’ll need a myki card or the mobile app.

Skybus charges 19.75 AUD or 32 AUD for one-way or round-trip transportation to and from the airport.


Tram : The Central Business District (CBD) of Melbourne has a Free Tram Zone that extends from Queen Victoria Market to Docklands, Flinders Street Station, Federation Square, and Spring Street. The City Circle Tram makes almost all of the city’s historic sites its stops and the best thing is it is FREE. Myki card is not needed while you are using the free system.


Ride Sharing: If you want to skip taking public transport, consider using a ride sharing app like Uber as it is much cheaper than Taxi. 


Car rental: Car rental starts at AUD 60 a day and you can apply for it with your international license. A car rental is only necessary when you plan to take a day trip out of the city such as a day trip to Great Ocean Road.

I am happy that I finally tick off Melbourne from my travel bucket list. But I hope I could come back to this beautiful land some day.

I hope you find this itinerary useful and help you plan your trip to Melbourne. This itinerary is based on my visits to Melbourne. If you have any suggestions, you’re welcome to let us know in the comment section below.