Since the pandemic hits, remote working has became a new norm and digital nomadism has taken a centre stage. 

Southeast Asia has emerged as a highly sought-after destination for digital nomads globally. Many of the digital nomad hotspots are scattered around Southeast Asia countries. Having personally explored various countries in the region while simultaneously managing my travel blog, I’ve discovered several places that I wholeheartedly recommend!

Given my preference for coastal living, the suggestions that follow will predominantly focus on coastal cities or places with close proximity to seaside.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Previously known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City has evolved into a significant hub for digital nomads, attracting a considerable number of individuals who choose it as a temporary or long-term destination.

I was travelling first time to Ho Chi Minh city few years ago and I instantly fell in love with its vibrant street food scene and trendy cafes! 

First of all, what I love about remote working in Ho Chi Minh city is due to its affordability. For a budget-conscious nomads like me, Ho Chi Minh city is definitely a heaven on earth. From accommodation to food and transportation, the city allows digital nomads to enjoy great food and good accommodation without breaking a bank.

On top of that, I absolutely love Vietnamese Coffee. It is not only my favourite coffee to drink, the aroma also helps me stay alert while working in the cafe.

weekend getaway: Cafe Apartment in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Phuket, Thailand

If you like island vibe, Phuket is definitely your top destination to go to live a digital nomad lifestyle.

I have been to Phuket several times and it has consistently proven to be the most relaxing island to stay on. Phuket clearly is a nomadic island. When I work in a café there, I always see other digital nomads like me glued to their laptops for hours.

There are many work-friendly cafes in Phuket beach area as well as the Old Town. That makes it a popular place for digital nomads.

Digital nomads in Phuket can seamlessly transition from work to relaxation with beachside breaks, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a tranquil and productive remote work experience.

Phuket travel guide : Patong beach

Penang, Malaysia

My hometown Penang, is also a digital nomads’ favourite place to explore.

Penang is quite similar to Phuket. A coastal city with heritage old town to explore. There are many trendy work-friendly cafes and co-working spaces in town. 

Penang is famous for its local street food scene, UNESCO heritage areas and amazing beachside cafes. Cozy cafés with high-speed internet and inviting workspaces cater to remote professionals, offering a comfortable environment to stay productive.

It is also a city-walk friendly place and easy to explore by foot. One thing I always pride myself as a Penangite is the warm hospitality of the locals and the diverse community of like-minded individuals contribute to creating a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere for those embracing the digital nomad lifestyle in Penang.

cafe to work in penang


The global financial hub, Singapore, is one of the ideal destination for digital nomads.

Singapore is one of the cleanest country I have been to. While the cost of living may be higher, the city’s unparalleled amenities and opportunities make it an attractive destination for digital nomads seeking a sophisticated and well-connected work setting.

Digital nomads in Singapore often find these spaces and cafes conducive to focused work and networking opportunities. Singapore’s cosmopolitan environment, coupled with its status as a global business hub, attracts a diverse community of remote professionals. 

Work-friendly cafes in Singapore

Ubud, Bali

Bali is already a popular destinations among travellers who yearn for adventure and relaxing trip.

Known as the cultural heart of Bali, Ubud provides a serene and creative environment for digital nomads.

There are a lot of unique and trendy cafes in the area. Surrounded by lush landscapes and rice terraces, Ubud offers a range of co-working spaces, such as Outpost , where professionals can work amidst nature. The town’s artistic charm, traditional markets, and holistic wellness options contribute to a unique work-life balance.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is considered a digital nomad-friendly city and has become a popular destination for remote professionals.

I personally enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Bangkok city. It seamlessly combines the energy of a modern metropolis with a distinctly localised and authentic ambiance.

Not only the cultural richness of Bangkok brings the attention of digital nomads, the city also hosts various networking events, workshops, and meet-ups tailored for digital nomads. These events offer a chance to connect with like-minded professionals, share experiences, and build a supportive community.

And that’s it! These are my top recommendations when it comes to best place to remote work as a digital nomad.

These digital nomad hotspots are all amazing equally and the only difference is whether you prefer a coastal city or a more urban lifestyle.