Bacha Coffee At Suria KLCC : First Look And Our Review

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Finally, the most talked-about and long awaited luxury coffee chain, Bacha Coffee has opened its first store in Malaysia at Suria KLCC.

After a few weeks since its grand opening, we finally decided to experience firsthand what all the hype was about this weekend, as we explored Suria KLCC. 

Prior to our visit to Bacha Coffee in Kuala Lumpur, we had previously ventured to their outlet at Singapore Airport, where we became acquainted with their reputation for serving premium, albeit expensive, coffee.

As we read some reviews online, some labeling it as overrated. However, the majority of reviews consistently rated it above 4 out of 5 stars. So, let’s try it ourselves and see what is our verdict.

The First Bacha Coffee In Malaysia

Bacha Coffee in Suria KLCC is easy to spot. It is located opposite Burger and Lobsters and facing the iconic water show esplanade.

When we arrived around tea time. there was already a line with about 6-7 group of people queueing for seat. However, the line moved pretty fast and within 10 minutes of queueing , we were lucky to get a table for two.

I guess as most of the table are being set up for smaller groups so we were able to get a seat faster than the people in front of us.

Bacha Coffee
The coffee menu of Bacha Coffee

A Wide Range Of Coffee Selection

The coffee bean lists are indeed the longest I have ever seen in a coffee shop.  There are different types of coffee from different countries and different tastes.

There are a whole range of coffee options on the Bacha Coffee menu which the design is also very delicate.

It took us a while to finally scan through all the coffee selection. We wanted to order those with chocolate hint of flavour but sadly all sold out. I think its because those are the popular types. In the end, we get ourselves a pot of Portobello Road Coffee, which has a hint of almond taste.

First Bacha Coffee menu in Malaysia
The coffee menu of Bacha Coffee

The coffee is out of our expectation as it has a really strong taste of almond! 

We were reading reviews online saying their coffee is diluted, but with what we had ordered, it is really the opposite. When the waiter poured us the coffee, we can smell the subtle aroma of almond and intensifying on our first sip.

The price for one pot of coffee is RM 35 and I think it is quite worth it, because one pot can serve about 4 cups of coffee. In the list, I saw some of the selection was priced higher such as the Kopi Luwak from Indonesia.

Croissant served at Bacha Coffee Malaysia
We ordered butter croissant and almond croissant.

Apart from the coffee, we also wanted to try their croissant.

The croissant comes in a pair but I liked that they allow us to choose two flavour of the croissant to try. We ordered the classic butter croissant and an almond croissant.

The pair of croissants is priced at RM 20, and they are relatively small, roughly the size of a palm. The taste of the croissants is acceptable, falling within a moderate range

Love the Molten Chocolate Cake

Molten Chocolate cake at Bacha Coffee is a must!
Molten Chocolate cake at Bacha Coffee is a must!

After tasting the coffee and croissants, we were looking for some sweeth tooth to mediate the strong taste of almond. So we ordered a Molten chocolate cake.

The presentation of the cake is classy, and the molten chocolate cake quickly became my favourite!

The chocolate is rich in flavour, and its heavenly pairing with the coffee ice cream is truly delightful.

This RM 28 Molten chocolate cake is definitely worth every penny.

The interior of Bacha Coffee Malaysia
The interior of Bacha Coffee Malaysia

While delving into the history of Bacha Coffee, discovered to have originated over a hundred years ago and reopened in 2017 in its original location in Morocco, we stumbled upon a surprising revelation—it is, in fact, the sister brand of TWG.

Undoubtedly, the concept is quite similar; the distinction lies in each brand specializing in either tea or coffee.

So does Bacha Coffee worth the hype? For a coffee person like me who likes to do cafe hopping, it was really surprise to taste such a strong aroma of almond based coffee. I would definitely want to come earlier next time to taste their other popular coffee. 

The dessert is also one of the highlight of the coffee shop. We really liked their molten chocolate cake with coffee ice cream. 

As for the ambiance, the interior design is top-notch, providing a comfortable setting for teatime and leisurely conversations over coffee. Additionally, it unquestionably stands out as an Instagram-worthy café in town.

Bacha Coffee turns out to be a not so overrated cafe to me and I would definitely return again. (PS : They recently opened another Bacha Coffee store in TRX)